Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation Review

Wet n Wild has been revamping their makeup line lately. They have a new foundation, concealer, liquid lipsticks, and highlighters! I love this line because it is great quality at such an affordable price.

Everyone and their mothers reviewed the new foundation on their Youtube channels so I wanted to try it out for myself. I bought it for about $9 CAD, it is 30 ml which would last me about a month, there is a wide colour range. I like the way the shades are labeled and categorized.

I used the Kat Von D foundation as a comparison. The two products have a really similar scent, and both products are cruelty free. My tan shade in the Kat Von D foundation is 49 Neutral, and the Wet n Wild foundation I am the shade Buff Bisque which is described as a Light Medium Neutral colour.

Top: 49 Neutral Kat Von D   Bottom: Buff Bisque Wet n Wild


-Full coverage

-Lasts 7/8 hours

-Looks amazing in pictures

-Skin looks “photoshopped” and smooth



-Oxidizes a bit

-Fait smell (goes away after a few minutes)

Final Thoughts

I like the Wet n Wild foundation as an everyday foundation because it is one of the most affordable brands at the drugstore. It lasts about 7 hours which is good and appears to melt into the skin and look more like skin as the day goes on. The only thing is that I wish it lasted about 10 hours. I would recommend this foundation for sure and I think that this is a very close alternative to the Kat Von D foundation in coverage, finish, and colour. It will be under $10 CAD as opposed to paying about $48 CAD.


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