Sorority Crafting: Big Little Reveal Gift Ideas!

Hey everyone!

I am apart of the Dela Zeta Sorority on my campus at Uni, which is an international organization. I believe there are about 165 Delta Zeta Chapters in total!

I wanted to share some of the crafting I did for my Little, with you all as it was Big/Little Reveal this weekend! For those who don’t know, “Big” means Big Sister and “Little” means Little Sister.

Here are some things I crafted and hope that you can draw inspiration from these when you craft for your little!

1) Sorority Merch

Order shirts from a store like Greek Gear or create a cute custom made Big/Little shirt for your little! There are so many cute Big/Little ideas online. This one here, a friend created for our DZ Family. The back of the shirt says “Sisters by chance, Big & Little by choice” with a heart.


2) Paddle

It is tradition that the Big’s give their Little’s a paddle, so here is the one I made for my Little. I used the DZ colours which are rose and green. I painted a pink Killarney rose which is our sorority’s flower, and the lamp is a special symbol of ours, and a turtle which is our mascot. I added pearls because they represent our pillars on our badge and diamonds because our jewel is the diamond. This is actually the Lilly Pulitzer print that was made for Delta Zeta, I am happy with the way it turned out.


3) Picture Frame

This type of craft is a neat way to make something look cute and classy… and can be made effortlessly. I printed a quote that describes my Little, she is quick and witty and then added diamonds as an accent to the silver frame because who doesn’t like bedazzled items. You can use a quote with the words “Big” and “Little” in it, too.

picture .jpg

4) Pin Box

Making a pin box is always a nice idea because your Little can store her New Member Pin and Active Badge in it for safe keeping. My little’s favourite colour is orange so I did a two toned orange colour scheme, added some gold for an accent, and lined pearls along the edges for a dainty touch. I filled the pin box with her favourite chocolate as a surprise LOL.

pin box

5) Letters

Everyone loves their letters, so get a set for your Little and get creative. I bought smaller pearls and diamond adhesives from the Dollar Store and wrapped them all around each of the letters. It’s covered in pearls and diamonds.. the way that I like things to be.


6) Photo Album

A photo album is a cute way for you Little to document all their memories and adventures as a DZ (or other sorority organization). You can get an album from a Greek Merch store that sells it, or purchase an album from the dollar store and add glitter, jewels, and cute decals over it. I chose to order one.

picture frame

7) Some Products

I added a hand lotion and mint/winter scented bath salts which I got from Ulta. I also added different shades of pink nail polishes and pink coloured and scented mini hand sanitizer from Bath and Body. You can choose to add whatever you want, some other ideas are bathbombs, pens, and scented candles. To put this altogether, I put each of the items in a DZ bag.

That concludes my gift! I hope you liked it and got some ideas on what to give to your Little for your Big/Little Reveal.

Happy Big Little Crafting!!








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