What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

In my previous post I mentioned some tips about packing makeup for travel, so now I’ll show you what’s inside my travel makeup bag.

For starters, I am obsessed with samples and sample sized products so I always try to get Beauty on the Fly products and Point Perks from Sephora. They are just so cute, but yet handy.


Mascara- Rollerlash Mascara By Benefit. At shoppers, there was a gift basket promotion where if you spend $75 you get about 20 deluxe sample sized products and it came with the Rollerlash Mascara by Benefit. It definitely lives up to the hype!! It makes my eyelashes look really long and curled upward. I really liked the product. I also have a Givenchy Mascara sample I was going to bring. Eyeliner- Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon. I received this from the Sephora Beauty insider gift in 2016. Primer- Photo Finish Primer By Smashbox. This small sample product was in the Shoppers gift package, but small travel sized primers (including this one) can be found on Beauty on the Fly at Sephora such as the Hangover Primer By Too Faced. You can even ask for a sample of a primer, you won’t need much so it’ll get the job done.


Lip liner- Nude Suede Shoes Lip Liner By NYX. I used up most of my lip liner and it’s been a year now and is one of my favourite lip liners. It is the size of my index finger so I thought I would throw it in my bag because it now is “travel sized”. Lip Stick- Lise Watier. The shoppers deluxe sample bag had a Lise Watier lipstick. It a pretty brown nude colour and it’s super cute so I know I will wear it on vacation. Who doesn’t like a nude lip colour? NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Rikugien which is a pinky rose and a bright red in the colour Cruella. You are able to sharpen these! Lip Gloss- Peach Lip Oil By Too Faced. Again, I got this as a 100 Point Perk from Sephora. It smells and tastes like peaches and it is glossy! The cool thing about it is that it isn’t stick.


Bronzer- Chocolate Soleil By Too Faced. I got a Point Perk… again. I know, I know I am obsessed, but it smells like chocolate and it is a product that I use on the daily so it only made sense to get the super cute travel sized version. Highlighter- Opal Highlighter By Becca Cosmetics. This was another Point Perk and this can also be bought on Beauty on the Fly along with a liquid highlight for about $30 CAD. This is a light goldish cream coloured highlight to it and can complement a range of skin tones. Loooove it.


Blush- Paaarty By Tarte & Bronze Shimmer Brick By Bobbi Brown

This was the 12-hour blush by Tarte and the deluxe sample sized blush was one of the 2017 birthday gifts from Sephora. I really like this mauvey shade and it brightens up my face. Normally, I don’t use blush and when I do I use brown. The Shimmer Brick is used as a highlighter, but in the summer I also use it over top of my contour or on top of my blush for an extra subtle glow. I have the smaller sized highlighter because I purchased it at Sephora for $30 CAD.

Foundation- Light 45 Warm Lock-It Foundation By Kat Von D and W4 True Match Foundation By Loreal. Setting Powder- Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Makeup Applicator- Real Techniques Beauty Sponge. I bought a travel sized bottle for shampoo and it came with two small containers that are perfect for holding foundation. A girl’s gotta have her natural shade and her tan shade for when she’s burnt to crisps from soaking up the sun. Concealer- Light 7 Lock-It Concealer By Kat Von D. I don’t have a travel sized concealer, so I was just going to bring this concealer. I know you can purchase half-sized concealers at Sephora or short-tubed concealers from the drugstore. The NYX HD Concealer is a short tube and is full coverage so that would be a good option as a travel concealer as well! The smaller sizes make it convenient for travel. Setting Powder- Travel Sized Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Laura Mercier has a smaller version of the setting powder, I bought it back in January, so I am bringing it to travel as well. I have the large container too, and I used it from mid-January until now and it’s still full. I set all this stuff I’ll be using the Real Techniques Beauty Sponge, it is 2 for $12 CAD.

Perfume- Ralph Lauren #2. This was somehow acquired long time ago and I just recently found it. You can also purchase rollerball travel perfumes and it’ll be perfect for your trip wherever you may go.

Happy glaming and traveling!


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