NYX HD Concealer Review & High End Comparisons

Helloooo readers, thank you for checking out my post today 🙂

Lately, I am obsessed with concealers can’t you tell? I am on a mission to find a drugstore and high end concealer that is worth the price, full coverage, and doesn’t crease. So, I decided to try the NYX HD Concealer because I’ve heard good things about it! It retails for about $10.00 CAD but can vary based on where you purchase it. I bought the shade porcelain which is a yellow undertone and is the lightest shade available. Here is a colour swatch, it looks more of a pale yellow than a pink/orange shade. As a reference point, I wear Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation in the shade 2 and the Kat Von D Foundation in Light 45 Warm and this matches well.


Now, onto the review! Below, I have listed some pros and cons:


1) Full coverage, I really like it! It covers up my dark circles woohooo.

2) It doesn’t crease

3) Appears hydrating but dries as more of a satin finish rather than a matte or “dewy finish”.


1) Limited colour range

2) Other products provide more product for less of a cost (in terms of fl oz and ml it has 0.11 oz for $10.00 CAD)

3) The NYX Concealer has decent packaging. The only foreseeable difficulty is gathering all of the product in the tube. When you pull out the wand the small size of the opening keeps some of the product locked in the tube and takes some off the wand.

Dupe & High End Comparisons

The NYX HD Concealer is supposedly a dupe for the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I’ve played around with both of the concealers, and think that the NYX Concealer is more of a dupe for the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer in terms of consistency and finish. I think the similar naming strategy hints at the possibly of a dupe, and the consistency of the products are the same even though the packaging is different. The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is more thick in my opinion, so it isn’t as comparable.


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