Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation: Drugstore Dupe or Don’t

Product Review

So, I bought the Kat Von D back in November and it retails for $42 CAD at Sephora.


I really think it’s a decent price, compared to other high end foundations that are over $50. I bought the shade Light 45 Warm and it was a perfect match for my skin!! It is for those of you who are fair skin toned but have yellow undertones. One pump was enough to cover my whole face and it still gives off the full coverage look that I love. It mixed well with my very oily skin! I think this is great for oily skin, and sometimes, I could get away with not having to set my face with a setting powder. I like the way this looks when I apply it with a damp beauty blender and then blending with a kabuki brush as a final finishing touch. To be honest, when I use my hands to apply it, it appears more full coverage. I was worried that this foundation would look too cakey because it is so full coverage, but when I use my beauty blender and set it with a setting spray it does not crease! It doesn’t even crease under my eyes, but to be honest, I hold off the on concealer when I use this foundation.

Dupe or Don’t??

Anyhow, as the winter months passed, my oily skin became more dry than oily. I decided to only to use it when I was going to have to wear a full face of makeup for a long day and also wanted to save it for the summer months.


This was when I began using one of my longtime favourite drugstore foundations called the Almay Clear Complexion Makeup. I get it in the shade Naked which is number 300 and it is a pretty good match as well! It is a 4 in 1 foundation that is marketed as having the ability to help clear up acne. I don’t have acne but occasionally have some breakouts and I do find that it does help. For a drugstore foundation, it was pretty medium to full coverage and it retails for $15-20 CAD depending on where you purchase it. After wearing the Kat Von D foundation for a week and switching to the Almay Clear Complexion foundation, I found that the Almay foundation is a drugstore dupe! It is not nearly as full coverage as the Kat Von D foundation (no one can top Kat, let’s just say that), but it does remind me of the foundation very much. I think it has to do with the texture.

If you want more information on this foundation, check out my favourite foundations post I made!

Final Verdict: Dupe

All in all, it is not a 100% dupe but is a decent alternative in my opinion. So, if you like the KVD foundation but don’t want to spend $42 or want something too full coverage give the Almay Clear Complexion Makeup foundation a try!!


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