My Bedtime Routine

Hey Everyone!

It’s Mel R, coming at ya with a bedtime skincare routine! I get way too excited about skincare and so should you!!

Skin care, in general, is entirely new to me! I never really had a core routine to follow as I general have pretty good skin. I noticed I didn’t have a makeup removal routine. So as I grew more familiar with skincare products, my appreciation for having and maintaining healthy skin grew as well.

I decided to talk to some of my previous Sephora coworkers and watch some Youtube Reviews on the certain products that I was interested in. I heard about Glamglow through Jeffree Star’s Youtube videos. Jeffree Star raved about the Glamglow Supermud Clearing treatment and I knew I had to give it a try so I bought the Glamglow Kit that was out during the holidays. I also bought the charcoal exfoliating wipes along with some other lip products!

Below, I have outlined a list of products that I really love and use on a daily basis!


Sephora Collection- Charcoal Exfoliating Wipes $10


These are great for taking off your makeup: one side is smooth and the other has a rough texture for exfoliating. It has a light charcoal scent that I don’t mind at all! I would totally recommend these as they are only $10 for 25 wipes.

Supermud, ThirstyMud, and YouthMud Clearing Treatment Kit $79

I LOVE Supermud. This is honestly my faveourite skincare product ever #GlamglowPleaseSponsorMe #Ily. I use a brush to apply the product all over the face, or my under eye & forehead areas, or just as a spot treatment. The mask applies dark grey, as it dries and extracts the gunk in your pores it turns a light grey colour. You can see the process happening as there are dark grey dots where the are pores. I leave it on for 40 minutes. It does a really good job as a clearing treatment and I honestly noticed a difference after the first use. I like to use this three days in a row every two weeks and I find my face does become visibly clearer!!

Using Supermud more than three days in a row wouldn’t be ideal because it will dry out your skin. For example, when I did that I didn’t moisturize after and my skin produced more oil because it was so dry. I definitely recommend hydrating with any moisturizer or even the Thirstymud that is in the Glamglow Kit. The Thirstymud mask can be worn for 20 minutes and washed off, but I like to leave it on over night!

Kiko Milano Exfoliating Lip Scrub- about $9


This is a strawberry scented lip scrub that I use to exfoliate my lips whenever they are dry. It also tastes like strawberries so it’s a bonus!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask- $24


I LOVE this lip mask. It smells like strawberries and is very hydrating for the lips. It comes in a large round tube with enough product to last me a lifetime. I like how it comes with a scooping tool for sanitary and application purposes so that I can easily put some on my lips without having to dip my finger in. This product can be worn during the night or during the day. I sometimes wear it as a gloss during the day as there is a light pink colour pay off.


And there you have it! This is my main bedtime routine! When I get lazy, I just use my wipes and the Supermud Treatment or when my skin is feeling dry I will reach for my Thirstymud Mask too. Happy cleansing & happy sleeping!











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