Mega Lit Makeup Haul!!!

Hey everyone!!

*Before I start, I wanted to first say that this post is not sponsored; I bought all of the products with my own money.

So, over the past few weeks I have collected some products and received some products as gifts, and I am very excited to share them! This post includes high-end and drugstore products 🙂 Additionally, I decided to use up every product I have (beyond this bunch) before continuing to buy any new products. Although I already purchase from some cruelty free brands, I want to be more cautious when buying makeup in the future!

Up Next… The Haul!!

1) Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Split Pan-  Prosecco Pop & Mineral Blush in Pamplemousse- $46

I am a huge fan of Champagne Pop, and since I already have it, I decided to get the split pan with Prosecco Pop that was paired with Pamplemousse. I went to Sephora wanting Amaretto, but to my dismay it was already sold out! The highlighter is a shimmering skin perfector which Jaclyn Hill described as “a true gold” shade and the Sephora website describes it as a warm shade of gold. I totally agree! It is very pretty! And now..onto the blush. I am not a fan of blush, but I did want to give Pamplemousse a try! It is a mineral blush that is matte and is a warm coral- pink shade. I think it is perfect for creating a youthful, rosy glow! It looked very pretty in the pan and when I ever so lightly dabbed my brush into the blush and applied it to my cheeks, I noticed that it was very pigmented. (More pigmented than it appears in the picture). A little of this blush really does go a long way! Pros: Very pigmented, very pretty shades, can be used as eyeshadows not just a blush and highlight combo, good dual product that is a good size for traveling. Cons: Can be a bit pricey and I think the highlight shade does not suit me. This surprises me as I am olive toned; however, if you like the shade you should definitely give it a try!! I love the quality and the brand, it is just that I am more of a Champagne Pop kinda gal!

2) MAC Pressed Powder- Deep Dark- $36

I typically do not like the quality of MAC products; however, this was given to me as a gift from a friend! This is a pressed powder with a slight colour payoff, smoothing texture, and sheer finish. It is ‘meant’ for touch ups throughout the day or for a “professional finish”. I do like it and I plan on using this as contour shade instead because it is more of a cool toned brown. Even though I have this product, and the 3 pigments that was part of my gift, I will not purchase MAC products moving onward because I do not support how this brand is third party animal tested.

3) MAC Glitter & Pigments $12-26


 I love all three of these! They can be used as eyeshadows, added with highlighters/bronzer to mix things up, nail polish, lipgloss, as a matte lip colour, and more. The first is Blue Brown, the second is Reflects Blackened Red, and the third is Jigs & Jive. I love the colour I get when I mix Blue Brown with Revlon’s HD Matte Lipcolor in Forever. It reminds me of Manny MUA’s eyeshadow colour called Insomnia. *Dupe Alert* (as a lip colour).

4) Island Girl Hawaii Nail Polish


I love sparkles and anything that is gold so I opted for the sparkly nail polish. One swipe has quite a bit of sparkles, and as any sparkly polish, I would need to put 1-3 layers of polish. I got this at a store in Vegas, I don’t remember the name or price, but it was located in the Miracle Mile Mall. A bunch of Island Girl polishes are available at stores in Vegas and you can order them online as well. You can get them in nail polish packages or individually!

5) Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick- Bronze – $29


I got this mini shimmer brick at Sephora for about $29, the larger shimmer brick is about $61. There are five shades and a sixth customizable shade when you mix all of them together. I like to use the lightest shade as a highlight and the ‘sixth’ shade as a blush! Getting each of the individual colours is difficult with the small palette, but could be picked up easier with a smaller brush (of course).

6) Sephora Collection: Rose Sleeping Mask- Rose- $4


I have yet to try this, but it is supposed to plump and hydrate your skin while giving your skin a radiant boost. I have high hopes for this one as my skin tends to get dry at times.

7) Kiss Lashes 5 Pack- 01 -$13

These eyelashes create a look that is as ‘natural’ as it gets for when it comes to wearing falsies! I have long but thin lashes, so when I feel like going extra glam I will wear these for thickness. I do recommend them because they come in a pack of 5 and are reusable for a cost at which I consider to be a good price point.

8) Rimmel London, Kate  Nude Collection- shade 45 Rose Nude – $8

I got this nude-pink shade as a birthday gift and have been wearing it periodically ever since April! Although it has a semi-matte finish, it feels comfortable on the lips with a bit of a creamy, glossy- but-not-sticky type of texture. It lasts around 1 hour at most, but nonetheless I like it a lot!

9) L’Oreal Privee by Frieda Pinto  -$9

I love the concept behind this nude lipstick collection! There are multiple nude shades that are tailored toward diverse skin tones. This particular lipstick is a ‘frosty’ glossy lipstick. It has a purpley-grey, brownish tint colour with a sheer finish. I think it is a very versatile shade that will look good on all skin tones. This too lasts a short period of time but I like how it has the right amount of pigmentation.

10) Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Liquid Lipsticks in Forever & Crush-$9.69

These are two new lipstick colours in the HD Matte Lipcolor product line. Forever is on the left and Crush is on the right! Forever is a nude-brownish shade and Crush is a pretty lilac/light-purple shade. The lipsticks are not true to colour based on appearnace of the tube as the colours at application appear darker, but they both dry as lighter shades. They apply as a liquid and dry with a matte finish. It is a very comfortable matte formula and feels like velvet on the lips. It has a light but pleasant candy/berryish scent that goes away after about 10 minutes. They last about six hours or more and even after drinking coffee/tea. I think both shades are versatile and suit all skin tones. I LOVE these and wish they had a larger colour selection! (I know it seems like I like every product I try, that is not always true, I just post whatever I like instead of what I dislike LOL).

11) Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer- 02


This face primer is about $8-10+ depending whether or not it is on sale. The primer has five functions, it: smoothes, resurfaces, brightens, mattifies, and protects. I think that the product does a good job with all of the listed points. I wear this by itself or under my foundation and the bottle says you can wear it over top of foundation as well. I think it creates a good base for my foundation because it becomes tacky after I apply it. I am unable to pinpoint whether or not it prolongs the wear of my foundation because I find that my foundations last a good amount of time as it is.

12) Maybelline FIT me! Matte & Poreless Foundation- 120 Ivory- $6-12


The prices of this product depends on the location at which you purchase it and whether or not it is on sale. I have the dewy formulated foundation in 225 Medium Buff so I decided to get the foundation with a matte finish. This foundation is in the colour Ivory which is number 120. I like this product and the finish, although it dries fast so you must work with it pretty quickly before it dries. It does make my skin appear “poreless” as it claims in the title but it is medium coverage, for all you light or full coverage fans that are wondering!

13) Gillette Sensor Disposable Razors (Pack of 12)- about $8.67


I got this package at Walmart and it was about $8.67 with a 10 cent difference between this and the Gillette Daisy package. The pack of 18 for both brands had about a 40 cent difference, respectively. I usually buy the ‘male’ razors because the packages are cheaper, the razors are the same, and both offer a close shave. The only difference is the additional razor in the 12 pack and the colour differences of the razors and packages.

14) Lush Bath Bomb- Honey Bee Bathbomb -$6.55


This bathbomb has a honey-toffee scent to it! I am very excited to try it, the only downside is that I am too impatient when the tub is filling so I just take a shower instead LOL. It has mood lifting orange oil, Moroccan Rihassoul mud to deeply cleanse skin, and aloe vera for silky soft bathwater. The honey is meant to soften and moisturize your skin!!

15) Lush Bubble Bar- Rose Jam- $8.95


The shape is inspired by macarons- very cute- and I LOVE the smell of this bubble bar!!! It smells amazing and has lemon-rose perfume. When I leave it out on my counter for a bit, then put in a container stored under my drawer, the smell lingers for hours- and I totally don’t mind. Don’t throw this into the tub and expect the water to turn into a pretty pink-red colour, this bubble bar is to be ran under the tap while filling the tub. Lastly, this bubble bar is great for soothing dry and sensitive skin!

And that brings you to the end of my very long Mega Lit Makeup Haul!!! Hope you enjoyed reading this 🙂

Please share your thoughts below, in the comments!

#AMakeupBrandShouldSponsorMe #ILoveMakeup LOL

P.S I find the title very entertaining because I added the word “lit”.


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