Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up on June 19th! For those of you who want to buy your father/guardian/grandfather or any parental figure a gift but are running out of ideas, here is a small list. You can take this list and tailor it to whatever he would like!

1) Nice Cologne


I think you can’t go wrong with buying a nicely scented cologne. It can either be a bit pricey or something found at the drugstore. If you have an idea of what their favourite cologne may be, you can look for deals to purchase it.


2) Gift Card

... Christmas: Best Buy helped popularize the gift card - TwinCities.com

You can select his favourite place to shop and get him a gift card. It may be Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, Chapters, or some other places. Giving a card with money is a good idea so that they can choose how to spend it.




3) Lottery Tickets

Lottery Tickets Scratch Off Images | TheCelebrityPix

Lottery tickets can be a fun little add on and who knows, he might get lucky and wish some cash!


4) His Favourite Alcoholic Beverage

Real Fitness Red Wine

Buy a bottle of their favourite wine, beer, or liquor could be a nice gesture so that the family could share if during dinnertime. (If you are of the legal age).




Happy Fathers Day 2014 Greeting Card, Text Messages and Wishes | Happy ...

Any gift is even better with the addition of a special, sentimental card. You can either make your own card or buy one that you feel is right. You can even made a little note to show how much he means to you and to express your gratitude. Last Father’s Day my brother’s and I purchased my dad a very large card that was a meter high and a meter wide! I am not sure if we can top that off this year haha.

6) Personalized Mug


I love giving items that would be used often. My dad is a coffee drinker and loves mugs. Some mugs that we have got him had “The World’s Greatest Dad” and “I am the boss” written on them. You can go ahead and find and select one that you think your dad would love!




7) Baseball Cap

Toronto Maple Leafs Dark Mace Stretch Fit Cap (navy)You could buy a baseball cap that has his fave sport team logo on it! If he is not a huge sports team fan or does not have a favourite team, you can buy a simple hat in his favourite colour.






8) Clothes

Mens Clothing for Fathers Day | Product Reviews

With some help and sizing investigation, you can purchase some summer clothing for your fashionable or no-to-fashionable father/grandfather/guardian/parental figure. (Kidding about the fashionable thing!)



9) A Good Book/Movie

My Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies: #8 – The Fifth Element | A Quantum of ...

Consider his favourite book/movie genre that he typically turns to and look up some good reads or DVD’s to purchase. Getting lost in a good movie is a great way to spend the day. Adding a great read to his collection would be really exciting.







10) Something Homemade

Pampers, Play Dates and Parties: Homemade Father's Day Gifts

You can get creative and craft something special for him!








Now, time to get creative and see what we can come up with!

Thanks for reading:) If you have any other ideas, comment below!



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