Nail Colour of the Week

Hey fam,

Yesterday I went and got a fill done for my nails because the last time I went was about three weeks ago! This week’s Nail Colour of the Week is this light blue colour! I am loving this rounded shape for my gels. When I had gels last summer I had square and squoval shaped tips. I feel as though rounded, oval, or almond shaped nails create a leaner and longer finger and hand appearance. I am also loving a longer nail look as opposed to the short length gels. Tip: if you want to have longer nails but have a hard time working, typing, texting, or applying contact lenses with them ask your nail tech to round off the the tip. This makes them more manageable to work with!

I did not get the name of the colour (oops my bad) but a close shade is Essie’s Light Sky Blue polish!


I first got a light blue shade back in January on my first set of nails and decided to do it again because Tis The Season! I think it is perfect colour for a Spring/Summer manicure.


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  1. So pretty! Perfect for summer

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