Dreams Do Come True

Hey y’all,

Ever since I was 5 I have wanted a dog. I loved the Air Bud movies so much that I wanted to have my own golden retriever named Buddy. In fact, I wanted a dog so much that I specifically remember that I included an imaginary dog in a family picture drawing that I did in the first grade. I know, I was very clever.

By the age of 7, I mustered up the courage to make a pitch to my father. To my dismay he rejected my proposal, but I never lost hope.

That following year, at the age of 8, my parents thought they could fool me by purchasing an electronic dog for me. (They told me Santa got me a dog). The dog walked almost like a real talk, barked almost like a real dog, and obeyed almost like a real dog. He was the cutest fury almost real, resembling, puppy an 8 year old could ask for. But almost real just didn’t cut it for me.

When I was 11 they tried again with a golden retriever stuffed animal. My parents were soo clever. He was the cutest stuffed animal ever though! His name was Skippy and SR was sewn  in his ear.

Finally, at the age of 20 I made noticeable prompts. I shared multiple puppy posts on Facebook because I am a believer in the thought that the vibes you emit are the vibes you absorb. It was time to prime my father through Facebook without him noticing, and to gather positive energy. LOL okay maybe I did take it too far.

Feb of 2016 I made a PowerPoint. That’s right a PowerPoint. I listed all the details about the breed we wanted, trainability, a cost benefit analysis (wow that business class really came in handy), I made a graph displaying the results of the previous family voting results, and why I called for a meeting and a referendum. Yup all of that.

And it WORKED!!! LOL I cracked my dad. Everyone was shocked to find out he said yes!

Without further adieu, meet baby Skippy!!!

Skippy is a Maltese Shih Tzu, also known as a Malshie, he has white fur with some beige areas. In the first row of images, he was 2 months old. The first two images in the second row was when he was 2 months, three months, and 4 months told. He has 2 beds (one cheetah print and one green), 20 toys (lil spoiled baby dog), loves short walks around the block, enjoys his snacks, and hates cuddling- unless he’s sleepy!

My mom was always onboard, my one brother wanted one, and my other brother secretly wanted one but never said yes. It took my dad 14 years to come around. I am here to tell you that, yes, dreams really do come true- however how large or small it may be.

I hope you enjoyed my story about how I finally convinced my parents to let me get a dog! If you need some strategic planning and have some convincing to do, do not hesitate to message me because I am here to help you create your own PowerPoint, plead your case, and help fulfill your childhood dreams!!!🐶


Melissa & Skippy


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  1. I have also wanted a dog for so so long.😟 But my mom doesn’t agree.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. melrsspace says:

      Girl I can help you make a Powerpoint haha. Good luck with the convincing, you can do it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha😂 I’m still trying. Though i have convinced my boyfriend to get me a dog in the future 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        1. melrsspace says:

          Aww that is so perfect

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