BECCA Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill

Hey everyone!

I was going to do a “Vegas Makeup Haul” but let’s be real, you can get those products anywhere so I’ll do it just as a “New Product Review”. Honestly, I am way too eager to wait to talk about this product that I had to do it now!

I was so very excited about the launching of the BECCA Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop hightlighter compact and collection kit! I honestly stopped on my tracks while walking the main strip in Vegas that I walked into the huge Sephora and went for this highlighter LOL.

I immediately fell in love, I am not exaggerating! I had to get it, so I did (Alert: Makeup Addict over here).

I could not buy the single highlighter compact or the collection/palette from the Sephora store in Canada and I don’t shop online (I know, tragic, this needs to change) so I was thrilled that it was in stock and I went ahead and bought it at the Sephora in Vegas.

Here ares picture of the highligher!!

Above is a picture of the pan without flash and with flash.

I wore this the other night while out with friends for dinner and I got compliments for my highlight being super glowy and on fleek! Haha.

Below, is a picture with flash to show what it looks like. What do you think? How would you rate the highlight fleekness on a scale of 1-fleek?


Yes I did go blonde!! Haha my hair is much lighter than before.

Hope you enjoyed this little product review! There is more to come.


Mel R


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  1. I don’t shop online either 🙈 well hardly ! Lol .. Your post is so good now I want to get this hilighter too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. melrsspace says:

      It is a struggle haha and I do recommend it and think that BECCA Cosmetics has great highlighters in general!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I shall check them out☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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