Vegas Baby Yeahhh!

Once my brothers and I turned 21, our parents thought it would be fun to go on a family trip to Vegas!

We arrived on a Monday night and departed on Friday evening. And everything that happened in between is a secret because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Kidding! Let’s look at some pics!!!

There are a lot you can do for free, and a lot that you can do that costs a pretty penny. For example, I looved looking at the name brand stores and their dresses but they were worth from $700 (on sale) to $1000 and more!!! But moving on, here is a list of things we did and all the photos compiled in a slideshow! Enjoy 🙂


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I easily took over 1000 pictures but here is what I narrowed it down to! I had a hard time choosing haha there were still so many pictures I left out. Don’t mind the random order of the pictures.

-High Roller

It is the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel. From up above, we were able to see the whole city beautifully lit up!


It is one of The Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It was awesome to see the texture and exhilarating to climb up. I am such a thrill seeker! I would stand as close to the edge as possible (without falling in and dying) just to scare my mom hehe. MY family was only concerned when I got close because I am the clumsiest person to exist LOL they literally thought I would slip in haha.

-Miracle Mile Mall and Fashion Show Mall. SHOPPING. I love shopping. Even of story. I was thinking of posting pics of what I got at Forever 21. Let me know if y’all wanna see!!

-Lunch buffet at Caesars Palace ($50 but worth it!! I mean, how many times do you get to go to Vegas and see the hotel that the guys in the Hangover went to visit-they stayed at the Bellagio-so yeah!

-Looking at all the hotels on the main strip

-Failed attempts at slot machines and roulette. I think roulette is my fave because it is a concentrated and strategic kind of game. (The movie 21 inspired me although I didn’t win big hehe).

-TATTOO. Not a real one- I am too chicken haha. I got a temporary tattoo in which the “ink” is made of natural herbs and substances and is similar to henna. It is supposed to last up to 5 weeks and 8 if I don’t shower!!! (LOL the tattoo guy said that I thought it was hilarious).

-The Old City. This was aweeesome!!! There are so many talented people performing, pictures to take with people that dress up, and things to do like zip lining! We also went to the HEART ATTACK GRILL which is a hospital costume party restaurant. It was neat to see the “decorations” such as the pill bottle, hanging cigarettes, the Last Supper picture, and the wine being served via IV. The burgers and fries were soo good! Make sure to get the single burger for if you increase it and don’t finish your whole meal, you will get smacked with a paddle on your bum in front of everyone LOL.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and watching my slideshow!


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