Motivational Monday: Job Interview Jitters

Good morning/afternoon/evening, to all! (Just in case you don’t live in my time zone haha).

I  would like to take a moment to discuss my thoughts about job interviews! dun dUN DUN. I know… I am already a little terrified just writing that, never mind going into my interview.

I am not new to the process… hey we all probably aren’t either; however, to an extent we still may feel job interview jitters beforehand. I figured that this is something we all can relate to. My concern probably stems from the fear of the unknown and the future outcomes that a positive experience is tied to and may have control over. Job interviews are important for us all- they determine whether or not we get a position, gain a source of income, and gain experience.

I have read a while ago that we spend 1/3 of our lives at work! Crazy, right? Considering that I am at the point in my life where it’s time to get a big girl job, I would say that this little fact is going to be feasible. I have landed my first big/serious job interview and I am a little anxious. I remind myself that it is normal to feel anxious as I sip my coffee and pray to the Gods that everything works out. This one is slightly less terrifying because it is a group interview followed by an individual interview at a later date.

Either way, I have came up with some job interview jitters solutions, not only help me sort things out but, to present to you some food for thought as well!

1) RESEARCH THE COMPANY. This is very important! Make sure you have a good understanding of what the organization/workplace does, the goals, their mission statement, and their company values. You want to show that you are knowledgeable and interested in working at that workplace. I would also go further and talk about how the above information relates to your opinions, perceptions, and goals of the line of work etc.

2) Talk about your concerns with a trusted individual. Rely on a quick or in-depth conversation with a friend, sibling, or parent. Usually talking about things helps, but the individual you talk to may also offer you some helpful advice.

3) Look up some common interview questions. This can give you an idea of what may be asked and you could have time to prepare. If the exact questions do not come up, variations of the questions may be asked.

4) Prepare answers. In accordance to number 3, coming up with possible answers is a good way to prepare. But be careful just in case you are asked a curve ball question!

5) Don’t lie! Be completely honest with your previous experiences/stories while working, past jobs, and personal traits.

6) Market yourself.  It is important to use proper language,  dress appropriately, and create a good first impression. When it comes to “use proper language” I mean things like using key words. When or if asked, “What are your weaknesses” you can simply reply with something like, “My areas of improvement… etc”. This tip was given to me by my 10th grade Careers and Civics teacher LOL. Additionally, I would be sure to dress “professionally” or simply ask about the dress code. Lastly, aside from your resume, marketing yourself is communicating how you are an asset and value to the workplace. It is a significant tool that is a summation of the above tips.

Thanks for reading! I understand that I may be missing some things so if you have any other tips please feel free to comment below 🙂

Next week I plan on writing about my ‘thoughts & thank yous’ to the Social Work profession.


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