3 Nail Designs Inspired by Spring

I got a set of gel nails Since the beginning of January and had regular fills every 2-3 weeks.  Ironically enough, now that I have longer nails, I do not do any of my own fun designs on them nor do the professional nail techs do intricate designs either. Pros- long nails. Cons- lack of expression of creativity. I only consider it a con because I love doing my own nails. I enjoy painting mini pieces of nail art, and if it doesn’t work out I paint them one solid colour and hope for the best haha. I am the type of girl that spends Friday nights doing her nails for three hours because the designs are fun. That’s right… I am a nail art junkie. Here are some nails designs I have done.

*Don’t mind the very short nails and hangnails!

May Flowersimage

For this nail art, I decided to draw two flowers across from each other with a solid background. The beige background offsets the bright colours of the flowers. I began by drawing the outlines of the flowers and leaves. For the blue flower, I started off filling it in the outline with a lilac colour as the base, then went over it with a light blue colour to add more dimension. For the red flower, I used a pink shade for the base and went in with the red polish colour to add depth to create that 3D effect to the best of my ability. The last step was going in and dotting the leaves with polish until it was coloured. I used a lime green colour for the little leaves.


Violet Sunset

imageI call this design Violet Sunset because I used purple and hot pink to create the sunset appearance. I started off with filling in the colours at the corners and used a sponge to blend them together. Next, I used a thin tip brush dipped in black polish to draw the palm tree. I first drew the stem, then little leaves off the stem by creating curved lines, and then drew a line as the little island.

I usually do the design on both thumbs and both ring fingers and paint the other fingers with the pink polish so it doesn’t look too busy.

This reminds me of vacationing somewhere tropical, so when I can’t travel I paint my nails like this to make me feel better haha. I have done this design with orange and red and it looks awesome too! I can’t decide if the pink-purple sunset or orange-red sunset looks better.

Lilac Cheetah Print



I consider this a spring related look because I used a light purple/lilac shade as opposed to a dark purple.

Once I painted all my nails one solid colour, I then use a fine tip nail polish brush and made little strokes to create the cheetah print design on both index fingers, and then I used another thin brush dipped with silver polish to add dots between the cheetah design.

I also like to add a coat of sparkly silver nail polish on the ring fingers on each hand just to be a little extra.





Hope you enjoyed my nail designs and Happy Spring! 🙂


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  1. Wow!! These are amazing!

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    1. melrsspace says:

      Thank you!!! Glad you liked them

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