Cayo Coco, Cuba

Every summer my family and I go on a trip. We have went to many places some of where are Macedonia, St. Lucia, Florida, and South Carolina. Last summer we went to Memories Flemenco resort in Cayo Coco, Cuba and it was heaven on Earth. A week of all inclusive food, drinks, and sunshine… quite a paradise! Though it is Spring where I live, I was reminiscing about the good times in the Caribbean. I still remember hearing the ‘Memmmmoriess’ theme song and the MC say “you’re here for a good time, not for a long time” everyday on the beach. Let’s take a look at a few pictures from my trip!!

Beautiful Beach

IMG_0746The sand was white and the water was so clear and blue. I was able to see my pink and sparkly nails under the water from a distance. An added plus is the trail and hut at the end. In the evening you could hang out there or use it as a platform to jump off from. There was a mini bar and lunch shack right by the trail as well! The games on the beach were entertaining we did yoga, played volleyball, raffles, and zumba.

3 Pools

There are three location and I noticed that it was populated based on demographic. For example, mostly adults and some small children hung out by the first location, adolescents hung out by the second location, and toddlers swam in the third location. The pool locations were where the party was at! There was a weekly foam party where everyone from the resort was engaged. My fave hotspot was the first location not just because of the swim up bar, but because I had a reserved lounge chair for me every morning and could take a dip in the pool when I got hot from tanning. Not going to lie, between up, I spent my time after 4pm in the kiddie pool because no one was around at that time LOL. The pool was very shallow so I could lay down in the water, tan, and cool off.

24 Hour Snack Bar

IMG_0710This snack bar was great! Fast service, close relative to the pools and beach, and open 24 hours!! I would alternate between pizza, fries, and a BLT.

 Evening Shows


The evening shows were so fun to watch. The entertainment crew knows how to engage the audience. Every night, there was a children’s show and adult centered show. This is an example of the adult centered show, another is a retroparty. This particular night, there was a Michael Jackson concert/party!

Fun Drinks

IMG_0815There were soo many drinks on the menu I didn’t know where to start haha. I liked the sangria because you can’t go wrong with a wine, orangey, brandy blend topped with a pineapple! Some popular drinks were Tequila Sunrise, Blue Lagoon, Blue Diamond, Pink Lady, Red Lady, and Coffee & Chocolate Martinis. I liked them all, except for the Tequila Sunrise, but only because I am not a fan of tequila.

Cute Towel Figures

The cleaning staff was very kind and did a wonderful job with cleaning around and with the creation of the towel figures. I thought the last one was so so cute!!

The resort has much more to offer but hopefully this sneak peak was enjoyable for you. The resort was a 4/5 star hotel, had good food, and had friendly staff. We had a great time and are definitely going back soon! 🙂


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