My Favourite Perfumes

I’ve been told that I am a picky perfume purchaser, but I LOVE these scents! Out of my whole collection of name brand and non-name brand perfumes, these are the ones that I really do like. This means that I have great taste or that I am missing out on many other products too haha. I usually like light, playful, fruity scents and these 5 fit into that theme.

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture by Juicy Couture -$120

13101493_10153586619076716_1940757453_nI got this for about $120 at Sears, but you can get this Juicy Couture perfume at Sephora. I got this for Christmas and I use it everyday sometimes multiple times a day. I LOVE it. It makes me feel glamorous when I wear it because it has that rich scent to it. It smells like a mix of fruit, honey, caramel, vanilla. At first it smells strong and throughout the day it is sweet. It is worth the money if you want a longterm perfume and long lasting smell and I recommend it to others!

OH LOLA! by Marc Jacobs- $25

13115766_10153586619086716_701876628_nThe prices for this range, I got lucky and found it at Nordstorm for $25 but it can retail up to $100. This is BEAUTIFUL omg!!! I was in Sephora when I first sprayed it and it was amazing. As you can see there is very little left so you can totally tell how much I love it! I used it everyday for a year and a half and I still have perfume left. It smells sweet with hints of pear, raspberry, and vanilla to it. It literally lasts all day when I am at school and all night when I go out. It is the perfect flirty summery perfume! I mix the OH LOLA and Gold Couture because I like to play chemist in my room before school each morning.

Sexual Sugar by Michel Germain- $70-100

13115891_10153586619101716_1777758797_nThis perfume is part of Michel Germain’s Sexual Sugar perfums line. It ranges from $70 to $100 depending on where you purchase it. It has a luxurious smell with a mixture of roasted almond, berries, and sandalwood. To me, this smells both spicy, then sweet, and seductive- if you will- all at the same time! The scent really does develop over the course of the day to a passion flower and jasmine middle notes blend, just as it is described online. This too lasted me all day when I wore it everyday a few years ago.  Additionally, he has multiple perfumes for females as well as males.

Candy by Prada -$100


I go this for about $100 at Sears but prices can vary. This scent is strong and musky at first then becomes sweet like candy (Just as the name suggests!!!). It transitions to a Carmely-Vanilla scent too. If you can’t already see the pattern, I typically get a new perfume every Decemeber haha and this too lasted me a year. I like to wear this because I believe I am as sweet as Candy.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs- $100

13162128_10153586619021716_1462208060_nThis Daisy by Marc Jacobs is about $100 and ranges based on size and store of purchase. I typically did not like pure floral scents until I got my hands on this perfume!! Needless to say, based on the fact that I have two Marc Jacobs perfume products, you can tell that I like this collection and that this brand works wonders. The packaging is super cute and the scent is very light.There are hints of strawberry, violet leaves, grapefruit, gardenia,  jasmine petals, vanilla, and white woods for a fresh blend of summer and innocence.


I am on the lookout for a new perfume so if you have any that you really love let me know!! 🙂


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  1. Celina says:

    I LOVE Gold Couture and Prada Candy! I’ll have to try some of the others you mentioned!


    1. melrsspace says:

      Right!!! It is tied for the number one spot with OH LOLA I can’t decide haha And the others are soo worth it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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