Blame It On Mercury In Retrograde

Hey guys and gals, it is that time of year again: Mercury is in retrograde. Wow what a blessing…

As I typed that I swear I heard some shrieks coming from outside. Totally kidding, but seriously what does that mean for us??

Lemme tell you, mercury goes into retrograde 4 times a year and it enters the phase for a month at a time before going direct. It is currently in retrograde from April 28th to May 22nd so expect some crazy things to happen. I have a feeling that pigs may fly.

Furthermore, have your electronics malfunctioned, car parts broken down, any miscommunications between you and others, do you feel as though everything is out of order? Fret not because it really is! So blame your fight with your boyfriend, argument with your best friend, and random feeling of confusion and sadness all on mercury in retrograde. I ruins lives I tell ya- jk but not really.

I think the effects are a myth; however, it really has me thinking that the events happen they way they do because mercury is in retrograde. Thanks mercury!!!

Apparently, it isn’t a good time to make any big decisions, start new relationships, or go on business trips. So are you thinking of buying that thing that costs so much money? Don’t. Wanna date that new cutie in your class? No way. Well you know what I say?? Try me mercury! TRY ME. Of course I am going to go on a makeup spending spree and talk t0 that guy in my class.

Besides everything fall apart, do you find that weird things keep happening?? For example, does your ex randomly like your posts out of nowhere or slide in the DM? Well if you wanna play by the books it is a good time to: talk to your ex to either patch things up or rekindle the flame, get a surgery, and book a vacation for pleasure- not business!

Last retrograde in January, I took the time to reflect and visit thought patterns and I guess that is something you are supposed to do. Great, I did something right. Phew I got worried there, at least my overthinking did me good and my future vacation plans will be fun.

Jokes aside, during  last retrograde I really did think that Mercury had an effect of me I got as Mad as the Hatter. Wow that Katy Perry song was right!

Right now, things seem to be going better than the previous retrograde. I even finished the semester with a high average while maintaining my sanity. Can I get an amen? AMEN.

How do you feel about Mercury being in retrograde? Does knowing this new information explain the things that have been happening?




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