5 Must See TedTalks


I am a TedTalk fanatic, a lot of my shared posts on Facebook are TedTalk videos, and I love sharing the new information I learned with other people. Basically, if I got paid for every TalkTalk I’ve watched I would be able to afford all the cosmetic products I wanted. I have plenty of favourite videos but I have narrowed it down to five!

1) Oliver Sacks- What hallucination reveals about our minds

Oliver Sacks was a famous neurologist with many publications and contributions to the scientific community. I first heard about him through a friend of mine and came across his TalkTalk a few years ago and had to watch it! My favourite part was hearing about a patient that explained her hallucination and it blew my mind. I don’t want to give it all away so watch for more details!

2) Shonda Rhimes- My year of saying yes to everything

This video centers around a mother’s struggle between her busy home life with her children, her demanding career, and trying new things. The time that I came across this I felt burnout from school work, this video brought me back to why I choose the career path I did and I too could hear the hum. I definitely think I should start saying yes to more things.

3) Celeste Headlee10 ways to have a better conversation

This video is great because I could apply the information gained from the video to my social life and apply it to build my counseling skills. I found this video quite helpful as sometimes I find that it is hard to socialize with those around me. I also found that these tips are great to applying in the clinical setting and social workers and clinicians could even apply these tips to their work.

4) Amy Cuddy- Your body language shapes who you are

I love learning about body language, after watching this video and others, I am more cautious of the way I present myself. I really do believe that non-verbal behaviours convey who we are and the advice in this video works because it can give rise to feelings of confidence

5) Jim Fallon-Exploring the mind of a killer

Who here is guilty of watching or looking into forensic related videos or shows?? Well I definitely am! I love how forensics incorporates two out of three of my favourite academic disciplines- psychology and biology. This video, the university professor explores the biology of psychopathy so take a look at this short clip for more insight!

If you have any TedTalks that you love and want me to know about please comment below!


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