Sephora Goodies

Last week I stopped off at Sephora after my last final for the semester. Hey, when I say “stopped off”, let’s be real… more like spent an hour in Sephora. I did my usual lap around the store. I was blown away by some of the bronzers and highlighters as well as the flower bomb perfume! These will have to be bought at round 2 in the near future!! As for now, I decided to buy a highlighter with a liquid spotlight illuminator, and a mist and fix setting spray. I got an additional eyeshadow with 100 of my beauty insider points and last but not least, I received my birthday gift!

13084150_10153579180701716_1789436891_nOn my way to the cash register, I came across these beautiful products. Goodness gracious, my oh my, oh the shine. I love these products. These two BECCA products are part of the shimmering skin perfector glow on the go duo. The pressed powder and spotlight illuminator are a light golden shimmery shade titled Opal. I like to use the press powder for a subtle shimmery look, the spotlight liquid illuminator for a more dramatic look, and the liquid spotlight and set it with the powder for a dynamic duo. The pressed power can be applied in the under eye area while the liquid can be placed at the highest points of the cheeks. This colour will look good on all skin tones in my opinion.

13077371_10153579180746716_1439966252_nAs I was standing in line, I came across Makeup Forever’s mist and fix setting spray. I heard about the use of setting sprays on Youtube and was a bit skeptical about it, but I decided to give it a try. My makeup sometimes appears powdery after applying bronzer but this product gets rid of the powdery appearance. After applying this spray in downward vertical motions over my face, I then go back in and press the mist into my skin with a beauty blender. As a result, I really love the way my skin looks. I have used it a few times over the course of the week and noticed that it does prolong the wear of the makeup. Note: if you do this be sure not to dab the contoured parts of your face with the same side that you use to dab over the highlighted spots.

13115471_10153579180741716_1781145993_nAt the cash register I noticed this sparkly light blue eyeshadow and I had to have it. This eyeshadow is from the Sephora brand and is called Curacao Punch. Normally, I tend to lean toward shades of browns, golds, and pinks for my eye looks. This time, I wanted to try something different. This eyeshadow is quite pigmented but a lot of the product needs to be picked up in order for the sparkles to show up. This shade is perfect for spring and can be used on the lid for a splash of colour.

marc jacobs eyeliner and lipstickThe birthday gift from Sephora included two Marc Jacobs products. There was a lipstick and eyeliner. I just recently gained an appreciation for lipstick and am glad that this was part of the gift! The lipstick is called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and is a pretty pink/red colour and the eyeliner is the Black Gel Highliner Crayon. Both apply well and last for a long time. I love the packaging of the lipstick and the name is definitely one to remember-I immaturely chuckled. I would definitely purchase the lipstick once I run out, but I am too committed to liquid eyeliner to switch to the gel formula.




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  1. Setting sprays are everything! So glad you discovered one you love


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